Zaria City: 2017

Whenever i hear the word “city”, especially in the 2010’s, i immediately imagine a metropolis, even though the dynamic changes when this city is situated in Nigeria.

Girl playing on the streets of Zaria City

I visited Zaria city for the first time and prior to arriving there, i already imagined this modern day Emirate with some of it’s cultural heritage still existing. This wasn’t the case. Zaria City still very much looks like what i read about in school, mud homes, tiny streets, no proper drainage system, etc.

Children on the streets of Zaria City
A street in Zaria City

With few signs of westernization such as a make shift music store with speakers and CD’s sold within, a bore hole water pump, even graffiti of English soccer clubs, i didn’t see much more. There wasn’t direct colonial rule on the city and this made me understand why this was a reality.

Man selling water out of plastic jerry cans
Children at a bore hole pump

The look on most of the resident faces while i walked through with my camera screamed “alien” or so i thought.


Girls hanging out beside an uncompleted building
Two children in front of a house

To me, this wasn’t the typical city by the i had grown to know but to the people of Zaria city, this was home, this was the city they had grown to love and cherish and i don’t believe anyone is in the place to describe otherwise to them about what a millennial city should or should not be.