Trust The Process

“Without art, the Earth is just eh.”


Picture of a girl painting

Everyone loves beautiful things. But very few people love the process of creating them. It’s too much work.



We want to enjoy the end product, but the in-between? Not so much.

Watching these young artists work and by interacting with them, I realised that art is a metaphor for life. At the beginning,  there is an empty canvas and with time, as the artist continues working, the random dots and rubbish colors on the canvas begins to take shape. I like to think that’s how life is.


Every art work is unique.  The time taken from conception to completion varies. The intelligent folks say that life is like that too: nobody has it sorted out at the beginning. There are many vague moments, stepping into the unknown and gaining clarity along the way.



Likewise, as the days count on The Borders Within II Trans-Nigerian Road Trip, I’m learning to take whatever the road offers, to see where it leads. To shed preconceived notions and embrace freshly acquired perceptions. That’s how life should be right?

So may we learn to trust the process, follow the road life has given to us and while at it, may we make art from even the most mundane things around us, because we cannot afford for the earth to be just eh.



All photographs were taken at Paddy Art Gallery, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. The gallery has both a unique history and a peculiar present. It shares the same border with the historical Cocoa House Ibadan and it’s on the ground floor  of Cocoa Mall. It is known for not just teaching art to kids and young adults, but also teaching them how to earn money. Special thanks to the Art Director and owner,  Paddy for permitting us into his space.