The Roadside Intellectuals #2—”Let us wait and see what the head of this child will bring.”

In this episode of The Roadside Intellectuals, we continue a conversation on the recording of history. The first voice you hear is Zainab O. Odunsi’s, saying, “God, give me one woman on this list.” The conversation in the van is followed by readings by writers on the trip—Emmanuel Iduma, Yinka Elujoba, and Uche Okonkwo, in that order, from recent posts on the road trip blog, with some context for what they read. In the background you’ll hear the opening song of John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme. We added the song inspired by Yinka’s occasional chant of “a love supreme…a love supreme…” while going about his hectic travels.

Moderated by Emmanuel Iduma. Produced by Emmanuel Iduma and Emeka Okereke