The Roadside Intellectuals #1—”Just to give this a bit of context.”

The first episode of a series of podcasts recorded during the 6th edition of the Invisible Borders Trans-African Road Trip Project. This year, 9 participating artists are traveling by road across 14 states in Nigeria, to map its diversity.

For this episode, we discuss the meaning of the term “roadside intellectual,” the restoration of Nigerian history to the curriculum, and the importance of popular music in Nigeria. Moderated by Emmanuel Iduma, with contributions from Emeka Okereke, Yinka Elujoba, Zaynab O. Odunsi, and a guest appearance by Linda Orajekwe.

The “Roadside Intellectuals” podcast will focus on matters arising on the road trip, interspersed with found sound, popular music, soundbites from interviews, readings, etc. and etc. What’s the soundscape of our trip?

Produced by Emmanuel Iduma & Emeka Okereke.