Zaynab O. Odunsi is a Saudi based Nigerian photographer who works as a full time lecturer at Dar Al Hekma University, Jeddah.

She holds an MA in Photography from the University of the Arts London, LCC producing a portfolio on the topic, “Stereotypes of masculinity in post colonial West Africa; Nigeria in focus”. She was the recipient of the residency award by the Mairie de Paris and Cites International des Arts- Residency in 2006. She is the founder of the Hekayat Ashara photography project (, a community based art project. This ongoing project works with women of different backgrounds living in Al Ruwais district, a low-income part of Jeddah.

Zaynab is a member of the Nigerian collective Depth of Field and in 2015 was nominated for the Magnum Emergency Fund. Some of her past commissions includes British Airways, The Nigerian Conservation Foundation, and Guaranty Trust Bank. Over the years, Zaynab’s work has been shown at international biennales notably Dak’Art, Seville and Rencontres de Bamako and exhibitions in major cities including Lagos, London, New York, Paris, Miami and Stuttgart.

She is one of the participants of Borders Within: The Trans-Nigerian Road Trip Project 2016. 

Twitter: @zay2thenab
Instagram: @babyzoostudio



Emeka Okereke born in 1980 is a Nigerian photographer who lives and works between Africa and Europe, moving from one to the other on a frequent basis.

He came in contact with photography in 2001. He was a member of the renowned Nigerian photography collective, Depth of Field (DOF).Presently, his works oscillate between diverse mediums. He employs mainly photography, time- based medium of video, poetry and performative interventions in the exploration of the central theme of ‘borders’. His works grapple with the questions of exchange and co-existence in the context of various social-cultural confluences. Another aspect of his practice lies in project organizing: coordinating artistic interventions which promote exchanges cutting across indigenous and international platforms.

To this effect he organized the first ever photographic exchange projects between a school in France and one in Nigeria involving the Fine Art School of Paris and Yaba College of Arts and Technology Lagos. He is the Founder and Artistic Director of “Invisible Borders Trans-African Photography Project”. Through Emeka Okereke Photography & Projects, he co- ordinates projects based on exchanges, such as Crossing Compasses: Lagos-Berlin Photo Exchange (May – June 2012) and Converging Visions: Nigeria – Netherlands Photo Exchange (June – September 2012)

In 2003, he won the Best Young Photographer award from the AFAA “Afrique en Création” in the 5th edition of the Bamako Photo Festival of photography. He has a Bachelors/Masters degree from the National Fine Art School of Paris and has exhibited in biennales and art festivals in different cities of the world, notably Lagos, Bamako, Cape Town, London, Berlin, Bayreuth, Frankfurt, Nurnberg, Brussels, Johannesburg, New York, Washington, Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Paris, etc. His works are featured at the 56th Venice Biennale of Arts under the Invisible Borders presentation “A Trans-African Worldspace” which he also curated.

witter: @kupeski
Instagram: @emekaokereke


Uche copy


Uche Okonkwo, born on September 30, 1988 is a writer and editor, with an MA in Creative Writing from the Centre for New Writing,

University of Manchester, UK, and several years of experience in publishing. She works as managing editor at Kachifo Limited (publishers of Farafina Books) in Lagos.

In 2011 she was selected to participate in the Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop, taught by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Binyavanga Wainaina, and other renowned writers. In 2014 she won the first ever Etisalat Prize for Flash Fiction for her story, ‘Neverland’. Her short stories have been published in The Ember Journal, The Manchester Anthology 2012-2013, Of Tears and Kisses, Heroes and Villains, an anthology of new Nigerian writing, and These Words Expose Us, an anthology of fiction by young African writers. Her work is forthcoming in Ploughshares, Per Contra and ellipsis. She is one of the participants of Borders Within: The Trans-African Road Trip Project 2016

Twitter: @UcheAnne


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Yinka Elujoba was born March 11, 1991. He studied Engineering at Obafemi Awolowo University and finished in 2014. In 2010 he won the EditRed Poetry Challenge.

Yinka is a Nigerian writer. His essays are meditative with a focus on literary and art criticism, as well as how shifts in spaces affect the human condition.

He contributes regularly to Saraba Weekly. His works have been published on Saraba, Klorofyl, Aerodrome and elsewhere. He blogs at In 2016, he was selected to participate in the Invisible Borders “Borders Within” Project.

Twitter: @yinkaElujoba
Instagram: @elujoba


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Yagazie Emezi, born in 1989, is a multi-disciplinary artist and photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. She studied Cultural Anthropology and African Studies in the United States

with a focus on cultism in Nigerian universities and the cultural preservation of the African aesthetic.

In 2014, she returned to Nigeria to work as a Visual Curator for Bialere, a digital platform focused on showcasing the works young African creatives. In a quest to give mainly young photographers a voice, she discovered hers. Using her past anthropological studies as a tool, Yagazie is drawn to documenting the normalcy of everyday life in and out of Nigeria, placing value on the story of every individual.  Her photography focuses primarily on documentary, fashion and travel around the African continent.

witter: @YagazieEmezi
Instagram: @yagazieemezi


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Emmanuel Iduma, born and raised in Nigeria, is a writer and art critic. He is the author of the novel Farad and co-editor of Gambit: Newer African Writing.

He has contributed essays on art and Photography to a number of journals, magazines, and exhibition catalogues, including Guernica, ESOPUS, and The Trans-African, for which he works as managing editor. His interviews with photographers and writers have appeared in the Aperture blog, Wasafiri, and Africa is A Country.

He co-founded and directs Saraba magazine. Since 2011, Iduma has worked with Invisible Borders, a trans-African organization based in Nigeria. He played a major curatorial role in the group’s installation A Trans-African Worldspace at the 2015 Venice Biennale. He was longlisted for the Kwani? Manuscript Prize in 2013, and received the Paula Rhodes Award for exceptional achievement in art criticism and writing at the end of his studies at the School of Visual Arts, New York. In 2015, he was writer-in-residence at the Danspace Project’s Platform in New York, L’appartement 22 in Rabat, and the Thread Residency in Sinthian, Senegal. A lawyer by training, he holds an MFA in Art Criticism and Writing from the School of Visual Arts, New York.

He is currently the Director of Publications for Invisible Borders and a participant of Borders Within: The Trans-Nigerian Road Trip 2016

witter: @emmaiduma
Instagram: @emmaiduma


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Eloghosa Osunde is a writer and photographer who lives in and works from Lagos. Her work in photography and writing is a constant attempt to gain insight into social and personal complexities.

Reoccurring themes in her work include: gender, grief, loss, love, trauma and belonging. She is interested in the documentation of urgent stories, using both photographs and words.

In June 2015, she was selected out of 1000+ applicants by Chimamanda Adichie for the Farafina Creative Writing workshop. In September 2015, her piece “Shapes” was selected, edited and published by Chimamanda for a literary supplement. In the same month, her first exhibition “Woman in Bloom” was held at Freedom Park. Early this year (January 2016), she was one of the selected artists for Rele Gallery’s Young Contemporaries Exhibition, where she exhibited her series “Obalende” – which was later featured in Nigeria’s This Day Style and The Guardian.

She is one of the participants of Borders Within: The Trans-Nigerian Road Trip Project 2016

Twitter: @EloOsunde
Instagram: @theforgetterseye



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Innocent is an amateur photographer, a content developer and project manager with a bachelor’s degree in English from Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria.

His interests vary wildly- from art to technology, social media, traditional journalism, educational reforms, movie reviews, to mention but a few. He is an IT enthusiast, a media analyst and a literary critic. In 2015, he teamed up with a couple of friends to launch the movie review website FilmsandCinemas. He also offers advice on social media strategy for Barnhouse Publishing, Roving Heights Book Distribution, Sankofa Initiative for Culture and Development and Fourth Canvas Design Agency.  Innocent is the Project Manager for Borders Within: The Trans-Nigerian Road Trip Project 2016.

wiiter: @Prince_ice
Instragram: @troublesome_nerd



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Ellen is a Malawian-South African, born in 1992, a Fashion Graduate of Spero Villiioti Elite Design in Johannesburg, South Africa, whilst at SVEDA she completed the Parsons New School of Design,

Beginners and Advanced Design and Illustration courses. Following graduation, she interned with Suzaan Heyns, KISUA Africa and worked as a Graphic Artist.

Raised in a pan-Africanist family, Ellen is passionate about the socio-economic potential of the Arts & Culture sectors for the African continent, she  would endeavour to work towards unlocking this potential, as well as, encouraging the integration, collaboration, cultivation and the cross-pollination of skills, experiences and knowledge within the African Arts & Culture Sectors. Ellen is currently the Head of Communications of the Invisible Borders Trans-African Organization.

Twitter: @EChapinduka
Instrgram: @EChapinduka


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