On movement

Newton’s First Law of motion says a body remains at rest or constantly in motion unless an external force act upon … No, this is not Physics, this is just a series of questions for you to ponder on.


*  “Where do you go when you’re by yourself? Who comes along when you cry for help?”


Two Girls
Can two walk together unless they agree?


So if the path ahead is not crystal clear, would you keep moving?


    Can you walk through the ruins of the past to move forward?


What if you walk away from what you think you cannot walk away from?


Lone Man Walking
** “…have you considered how your body would constitute itself if all of the world was simply one long continuous road?” Yinka Elujoba asked. Have you?


Can one really control movement, can one stop people from coming and going?


What if we all face our journeys and not bother about others?


And if I told you that waiting is still moving, would you believe?




* Culled from the song Moving On ; Album Bed Of Stones by Asa.

**Culled from the post A Thinking, Moving Body  by Yinka Elujoba.