It Is What It Is

The road leads me to another prayer mount, only different than the previous, it is a monolith. Thanks to my love for climbing and my shoes that can withstand almost any rough surface I encounter, I hurry my way up, curious to see what lies at the top. Sadly, the man I meet that’s to guide me up says I have to go up barefooted. “Damn,” I think to myself, but regardless, mans gotta get to the top.

Looking back at the leading line

The white line on the path leading up reminds me of the road lines on a map, quite uneven, hardly straight forward, sometimes even takes you in a longer semi-circle route but this doesn’t stop me because I know what i’m going for. With similar traveling attitude, I continue up the path, feet hot from the sun scorched rock under me, heat stroke very imminent, anticipating the satisfactory encounter at the top, not to much to hope for is it?

Approaching the Prophet

Rising up from the cross painted stone figure he leaned on, spotting the camera on my neck and tripod on my shoulder, without any word from me, the prophet said 3 times: “I don’t grant interviews.” I mean, I just walked all the way up here for nothing? Sigh! He offers me a seat and explains that he has come a long way on a mission here and that is all he intends to do. I respect that but still try to convince him to let me shoot even it’s just his bible, “No can’t do,” he stands firm on his position.

At times, I’m too focused on documenting my encounters without regarding the places or people. I don’t know this man, he doesn’t know me, why did I ever think I had the right to just walk up to him and be received with open arms? “I do expect him to receive me as such” I think to myself “But what now?”

Observing the Prophet

Disappointed, I appreciate him for his time and go to a different ground where I sit and observe him, he seems so comfortable in his loneliness, folding up against the stone. Some people just want to be left alone. I do want to be left alone for the most part; it is probably a nature or nurture thing but either way, it is what it is.