Artist Statement- “I want to also express how body parts or a lack of them affect communication”.

For most people, human communication is something often taken for granted, especially if they’re extroverts. Expression and communication comes easily to them, barely needing more than a few well put together sentences.

I’ve never been much of an extrovert and my personality has shaped the way I view human communication. In place of words, a careful captured picture of a careless wave of the hand is how I express nonchalance; the nuances of body movement and what these subtleties convey.

With the use of images, short clips and story writing, I intend to tell a story of communication between Nigerians and find the disparity across the cities. This I will do by capturing the human body’s reactions to a range of events; from the mundane to the most severe and to those which leave lasting scars.

Away from the introverted and extroverted personalities, I want to also express how body parts or a lack of them affect communication. I would like to the understand the treatments in terms of concern that are shown to these ones in the various cities.
After all, if my introverted nature is a “disability” of some kind which forces me to adapt the way I communicate, how much more those with actual disabilities.

How do these disabilities; stumps, scars, an unnatural stoop of the back; affect what pattern of communication they use?