An Inventory of Thoughts

Kano. After 7 hours of journey, we got here. At this stage in the journey, it feels like time is slipping through the crevices of the palms. Nostalgia is already lurking around – once in a while it pricks the consciousness, like the twitching of a right eye. What have I failed to see? A question no different from asking “am I going blind?”. It is time to see differently. So I begin with an inventory of thoughts in a collection of images:
The Zibatex Lady and her companions. Kwari Market, Kano


“I am waiting… as if time is not a thing”. Kwari Market, Kano


“Everyone is first a suspect”. Kwari Market, Kano


“See these clouds above my head? They are my stories interwoven. They follow me everywhere I go”. Sabin Gari, Kano


“Can we outpace our norms? Should we? Must we?” Kwari Market, Kano.



“One day, I will tell a story about veils”. Kwari Market, Kano.



“One day, I will tell a story about eyes”. Kwari, Market. Kano